Happy Alone

by Saintseneca



"Happy Alone" is on Saintseneca's new album Dark Arc, which will be released by ANTI- on April 1st.


Guilty pleasures at best
gouge the floors of our chests
this the only vestige left
Next time will be better I guess

When I'd be alone
Happy alone
I'd be alone
Happy alone
Call what you want
and I'll be alone

To presuppose this precipice
could be climbed by anyone of us
that was my misjudgment
I guess I best just shut and and face that

I'm not one too
Be three-fourths sore
When I crave a split lip
I get it quick

I'd be alone
Happy alone


released 01 April 2014
Produced, engineered and mixed by Mike Mogis with additional production and recording by Glenn Davis.

Zac Little - vocals, bass, organ, acoustic guitar, saw, claps
Maryn Jones - vocals, dulcimer, claps
Steve Ciolek - vocals, electric guitar
Glenn Davis - samples
Matthew O'konke - drums
Mike Mogis - pedal steel, electric guitar, synths
Jon Washington - claps
Leslie Shimizu - claps


tags: folk Columbus


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