Plastic Baby Jesus

by Saintseneca



All the good gifts ever got
Inevitably lost
I imagine stretched along a constellation
Inhabiting a cosmos of closet bottoms
Your misplaced affections are never lost upon me

It's Christmas in Columbus
Won't be the same without you though

Tell me what you really want
Tell me what you really need
I know I owe you something good
I know I owe you something sweet

Plastic Baby Jesuses line the lawns of the righteous kids
As for you among your friends
who says Jesus is who he say he is?
The ghost of Christmas past is gone
All we get are these old songs
I will cherish every note rattling its way out of your old throat

It's Christmas in Columbus
won't be the same without you though


released 24 December 2014
Zac Little: Vocals, Bass, Baritone Recorder, Piano, Guitar, Percussion
Steve Ciolek: Vocals, Guitar

Recorded and Mixed by Zac Little at the Dreamhouse
Mastered by Chris Graham



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Saintseneca Columbus, Ohio


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